vendredi 22 juillet 2011

WWoofing!! part 1 -- Möckmühl from 12/7 to 1/8/2011

Nothing best than a summer of wwoofing to keep going the Erasmus feeling and push away whatever blues that could appear.

Well, what’s Wwoofing?? Literally: World Wide Opportunities in Organic Farms.
The matter is to go and work in an organic farm few hours a day. In terms of payment, you get food, a bed and most important, you share the life and the stories of the people you live with.
For now and until the 1st of August I’m sharing the life of Lydia Riedel and her son Tillman. The farm is located in Hagenbach, near Möckmühl, Baden-Württemberg, Germany.  Website:

I really enjoy the life at the farm, I was waiting for a long time for this, put my hands in the earth and get satisfaction of my work. It is such a pleasure to eat for your meals what you pick up in the garden.
At the farm we eat only meat from their own animals (all organic) and we are almost self sufficient in vegetables.

Rest to buy some fruits, yogurts, butter.  We buy the milk from the neighbor, also organic milk.
The life at the farm is very cool and relaxed (as the people don’t make a living of it). We get up around 9 and start to work in the garden until lunch is ready. Then in the afternoons we sometimes go to the sheep, or clean the stables, or just have rest, visit the countryside.
The farm has few fields which are mainly pasture, 9 cows, about 30 sheep, 2 pigs and 7 cats.
I came here to learn some more German, but I’m quite lazy with it and let the talking be in English…
Also our host speaks rather good French. So we speak a mix of the three languages!!
There are a lot of wwoofers here, going in and out. In three years they had about 60 wwoofers. When I arrived 2 American girls were on their way out. Then Hitomi came for one week, a Japanese. We are currently three, me and 2 other French girls but in a day 2 Slovakians are coming, right before a Texan is also going to join us.
Don’t need to picture that the house is full of life :D


Toilets at home


Some more bike learning


Rainy day

17.30, kitchen table

Wiebke coming to visit and work


Big thing

Kitchen after cleaning/tidying

In the attic


The Lada up the hill

Lydia and the sheep

2 frenchies and Möckmühl


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