samedi 7 mai 2011

God, it is snowing!! -- Linköping Le 3/5/2011

Tout est dans la vidéo...

Ein Maß !! -- Stuttgart Le 27/4/2011

After the long trip in north Sweden Germany was calling me again!
I spent one week back in Heidenheim, the city of Hartmann, the city of heart.

But I also spent one day in Stuttgart to visit Laurent and Morgane. It was amazing 24hours where we went to the Frülingfest, a very special event, typical south german, where people usually wear bavarian costumes and sing, jump, dance, drink and drink again (beer ofc).

Here are the pictures:
Me with the waitress :)

Morgan and I

Group picture

Laurent, my host there

Trip Stockholm -> Luleå post 2/2 ; stolen pictures -- du 15 au 23/04

Defreezing lake

My face

Luleå frozen sea
Gamla Linköping

narrow street - Stockholm


Super pics - Gamla Linköping -Merci Sasa
Place to have a hot chocolate, Stockholm

Bibi's face
Max's face

testing the ice
Sasa and I