mercredi 7 septembre 2016

- Blog paused -

As you may know we are travelling at the moment.

The travelling blog is to be found here: 

Good Bye Esslingen!!

After 1 month living in a really messy flat we finally managed to sell almost all our furnitures and then there was enough space to start painting.

That's when the french crew came in!!

dimanche 12 juin 2016

Italy with Marie&Rémi!! Milano-Genova-Sestri Levante-Levanto-Cinque Terre-Portovenere


Milano cathedrale

Milano expensive shopping center

Milano modern architecture

Genova beautiful churches

Genova old streets and buildings

"occupiped" building

Scooter country

The flag of Genova and the english flag

Farinata, chickpea speciality

Camogli, beach retreat for genovese people

camping freak

Water panorama, Sestri Levante


gearin' up

no flat zone

Sestri Levante

studying the coast

French recommandation

Camping dinner

Wave meditation

old train tunnels by Levanto

sunny morning

knocking on Cinque Terre's door



People coming on land, crazy italian boat drivers


wild camping

wild camping #2

wild camping #3

Happy breakfast


not ending stairs!!


Riomaggiore fried fishes


finally on the water!

"I'm the captain!"

Cinque Terre Love You