mercredi 24 juin 2015

Midsommar! Erasmus Meeting!

We try to make it a tradition, meeting each other every year. "We" is a group of people who met in Linköping, Sweden during Erasmus 2010-2011. 
After 2014 in Bielefeld: article missing
After 2013 in Ulm:

now comes Stockholm 2015 for Mid-Sommar:

Eventhough I am afraid of flying, this is the kind of things that can't let you unmoved

Guillaume and Thibault

The Micro-hotel common room

Midsommar celebration with dances

bird 1

Flower crowns are part of the celebration

The group minus Stefi who took the picture

Up on the roofs of Stockholm

bird 2

birds 3

Dancing around the pole, in the mud

Ajouter une légende

Flower crown = fail

Flower crowns and smiles = success

Europe feeling

photos: Clément, Wiebke, Thibault

Mai - June update


Poker outside, with insides'lamps

girls sewing

Cutting the matress that should fit in the golf

Visite de Flo

Tomatoes day 1

Tomatoes day 34

vendredi 22 mai 2015

2015/05/10 au 18 Back Home, Heimat, retour à la maison

Pot pourri, quelques photos 

Les générations se baladent

Les "Gangstas"

j'ai forcé les couleurs

Filtre années 60

Brice prépare sa salade de homards, les parents la mayo

Brice et Marine

Le potager de Grand Village, voir la construction avec filet pour protéger les fraisiers

Action marteau-piqueur