jeudi 30 janvier 2014

Visite de Rémi - Août 2013

We hosted with a lot of pleasure my oldest friend : Rémi, who is a photograph and you can find here some pretty amazing pictures :D

German Swabian food

highest church tower : Welcome in Ulm

Inside view

Rathaus and Stadtbibliotek

Playing by the Danube

Enjoying it

Swimming in it
Dumpster diving

Vegetarian BBQ preparation

Farmer harvesting his land outside Ulm

jeudi 23 janvier 2014

mardi 21 janvier 2014

Erasmus Meeting - 22-23/07/2013

Our Erasmus experience was already two and a half years ago and it was time to reunite again.
Also there were reunions before, like Vienna and Cologne, this one was the first time that so many could make it.
That's how we hosted 6 people in our flat. In order of arrival :
Michal, Yvonne and Ann-Ca, Matthieu, Thibault and Martin.
We had a lot of fun during those 36 hours since it was summer and exactly in the highlights of Ulm summer activities.

July 2013

Begining of July was pretty quiet and we had time take part in some cultural and couchsurfing events.

Wiebke dancing ballet in a some kind of Flash Mob all over the city

Crazy people! dancing on windows!

Ulmer Schachtel.

Mariage - Wedding - 08/06/2013

Every day we grow older and the kids that we were are no longer the same.
For some of us it is time to engage themself to each other.
We gladly came to Jenny&Jeff wedding. Sharing this moment of hapiness and love was a blessing!

the Best Couples


Love this pic

looking happily ridiculous

Did you say french wedding?


Dress on fire!