mardi 23 août 2011

WWoofing!! part 6 -- MittelRot from 15/8 to 20/8/2011

Leonie and Astrid going for a ride

Frederik taking the opportunity of a milk bath, since we had to throw away all  the milk due to a mistake in the process

Bringing the cows back home for the evening milking

When a cow scratch herself

Wiebke also came along to play the farmer role

The calves like to lick each other after they drunk the milk 

Snake found dead in the cow grass

Wiebke with the cat

Group picture

WWoofing!! part 5 -- MittelRot from 2/8 to 15/8/2011

Keeping doing wwoofing in Germany until the 20th, I went to another farm in a little village called Mittelrot.
I had a very nice welcome in the family and I really appreciated to work for them.
they are milk farmers (is it how you say in English?), so the work was basically concerning the cows. getting the news calfs after the birth, milking the cows morning and evening, cleaning the stable, bringing water into the fields, changing cows from a field to another, cutting grass, cutting wood, driving tractors around, making hay and most of all, having fun all the time, with the people, the cats and the dogs.

hope the pictures let see how much fun it was :D

Every day dinner (Brot Zeit)

On the tractor

Calf born the 7th

Cow taking rest before we take them outside

pregnant cows brought to another field

Teeth-brush time 

WWoofing!! part 4 -- Schwäbisch Hall the 2/8/2011

Schwäbisch Hall is a very very nice city. If ever you go to Baden Würrtemberg, this nice tiny town is worth an afternoon!!


Modern part

giving a hand

nice buildings which really remember me those in Stockholm 

dimanche 7 août 2011

WWoofing!! part 3 -- Möckmühl from 12/7 to 1/8/2011

Lydia & Babayaga

Clément et son vélo

Hortense Birthday
Laure, Hortense, Robert and Me, Heidelberg Castle

View of Heidelberg


The Wwoofing team (Dusan, Laure, Clément, Hortense, Lydia, Tillman, Robert and Robert)

WWoofing!! part 2 FOOD -- Möckmühl from 12/7 to 1/8/2011

Quelques idées sur la façon dont ça fonctionne en Allemagne. (en tout cas vrai pour les deux fermes que j'ai visité)
Petit déjeuner vers 9h 
Déjeuner vers 13h (Plat chaud cuisiné)
Cake/tea break in the afternoon (circa 17h)
Repas du soir vers 21h (Pain, fromage, charcuterie, à la volonté de chacun)

Ici quelques photos de nourriture, je n'ai malheureusement pas tout pris.

Boule à partir de farine et de plein d'autre truc. Je sais pas comment ça s'appelle ni comment ça se fait mais c'est bon!

Champignons direct from the forest

Käsespätzle, spécialité Allemande (ok on voit rien sur la photo, et alors?)

Gâteau forêt noire, birthday cake for Hortense 

Kohlrabi, un choux d'Europe de l'Est, inconnu de moi, très doux, limite sucré

Jesaistoujourspaslenom chose. Spécialité Autrichienne, avec des prunes