mardi 26 avril 2011

Trip Stockholm -> Luleå post 1/2 ; my pictures -- du 15 au 23/04

Clem, Kévin, Sabrina, Florian


Park in Stockholm

Front de mer à Luleå/Sea front, Luleå

Defreezing lake, Luleå 

vendredi 8 avril 2011

Crazy diving! -- Roxen Lake Le 8/4/2011

My friend Guillaume wanted to use the warmer day (12°C, cloudy, super windy) of the week to go and dive into the lake near Linköping (Roxen Lake).

Well, here is the result.

The water was crazy cold! Sorry for the wild shouting like a beast.

Just to say; On the way back to Linköping it was crazy windy (branches falling down on the road) and raining and we even saw a lightning. And then sunny again ;) !

mercredi 6 avril 2011

Biking tour -- Linköping Le 06/04/2011

The spring is coming and might stay definitely (12° degrees today and sunny at some times);
Ideal time to go out, start to rediscover his muscles and go for a biking tour!
Here is an idea (for the people who know Linköping) where I went.
I went to a little church which is surprisingly similar to the one in Malmslätt.
That's it, about 30km, it was very nice :) ! 

Les Vases communiquant

Hjulsbro's church

Therese's mobile

Vegan kick -- Linköping Le 01/04/2011

As I'm almost a veggie now I can show you how to make a veggie burger:

start with the bottom burger bread
then the sauce (whatever u like)
then onions (fried or fresh whatever u like)
then salad
then veggie steak
then cheeeese
then salade again
then top burger bread

Veggie Burger

Horrible picture