vendredi 15 octobre 2010

Rien ne va plus -- Linköping end of september

Linköping end of september, what happened??

First of all, Michal, a friend from Slovakia left us. He was here for a phd and he finished his job.

Just before leaving he cooked Halusky, a Slovak meal, just for us!
It was time to talk about Revolution!!

Then it was really time for him to leave.
So he organized a Good Bye party. We all were sad, and a lot of alcohol was here... That's why I will not show you too many pictures :D

MICHAL (left) and DAN (right)

Then (yes a lot of partys in a row) there was the Overall Premiere. It's the first time you wear your Overall (l'Overall c'est la blouse de travail ci dessous). A lot of stupid games are organized in order to make your Overall dirty!! Indeed it's not authorized to wash. The only way to wash it is to wear it.

DRINKING GAME (Overall Premiere)

And after these games, there was a real party, called "Le Mans"... french touch...

And Swedish people are quite crazy when it is about drinking beers... let's enjoy the video below (it's quite fast) :

Here is the end of september. Let's winter starts :)

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