mercredi 24 juin 2015

Midsommar! Erasmus Meeting!

We try to make it a tradition, meeting each other every year. "We" is a group of people who met in Linköping, Sweden during Erasmus 2010-2011. 
After 2014 in Bielefeld: article missing
After 2013 in Ulm:

now comes Stockholm 2015 for Mid-Sommar:

Eventhough I am afraid of flying, this is the kind of things that can't let you unmoved

Guillaume and Thibault

The Micro-hotel common room

Midsommar celebration with dances

bird 1

Flower crowns are part of the celebration

The group minus Stefi who took the picture

Up on the roofs of Stockholm

bird 2

birds 3

Dancing around the pole, in the mud

Ajouter une légende

Flower crown = fail

Flower crowns and smiles = success

Europe feeling

photos: Clément, Wiebke, Thibault

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