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Munich, Bastille and Dachau - Novembre 2013

At the end of November we decided to spend some money we didn't really have for Art and Culture and went in 3-4 days to the Cinema, to a Concert and to a Museum.

For the 2 last ones we spent 2 days in Munich where we went to the concert of Bastille.
Little overview right here :

The concert was ok. Good music. We were however disappointed by the little interaction between the group and the public. They played their songs way to quickly! In addition to that we had to watch the concert through a forest of mobile phones screens, which was pretty unpleasant.

On the next day we went to visit the concentration camp of Dachau. They made a museum out of it, with loads and loads of information for German and English readers. I think you could spend about 6 to 8 hours in there (if not more) if you had to read all of it.
The weather was really appropriate, grey, cold and wet.
This tour was really hard for Wiebke who got really emotional and sensible.

Arbeit Macht Frei : Work Makes Free
Thousands of people went through that gate to enter the concentration camp. Many of them didn't passed it in the other direction 

Inside of the building with special cells, for special prisoners. 

The main Allée.

The bedrock of all the buildings that were housing the prisoners (left side of the camp)

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